Kate Cornell is a the author of Live Like Legends published on June 1st, 2020.

She is currently writing a novel. This statement is always true. At any given time, she is writing a novel. She has contributed to After Dark with Julian Clark, TMI Hollywood and Top Story! Weekly at iO West.

She likes dogs, cats, and watching television shows about conspiracy theories.


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  1. Hi Kate, my name is Kate (I know) and I know/love your sister Emily! I saw your Christmas flow chart on her gmail and she told me about your site. Can’t wait to start reading often! Merry Christmas to your fam. xo

    Kate Legako

  2. Just wanted to let you know I’ve just finished your Novel and I really enjoyed it. I read alot of YA fiction and yours has really been a stand out for me. I borrowed it from my library but I will definitely want to buy my own copy so I can re-read again and again. Please keep writing xx

  3. I just read your novel and cannot believe you don’t already have ten others beforehand. You had me gripped. I literally read it in 30 odd hours. Please write some more. And I highly recommend little tiny towns if the big city is breaking your ❤- from someone who has gone from 3.5 mil to 20 thoudand.

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