Anything Nice to Say: Godzilla (1998)

The American Godzilla of 1998 might not be the best Godzilla (in fact, it's not canonically recognized) but it IS the best Godzilla with Jean Reno in it. Also, it's basically a by-the-numbers Roland Emmerich film. See if I could find anything nice to say about Godzilla.

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Hauntings of Disney Past

I had a conversation with my cat the other day. It went something like this. "Me-rroorow." "WHAAT? After all you've put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? JUST LIKE THAT?" "Meow." "Fine." For those of you paying attention, yes. I do have a conversational cat. If you ever get a… Continue reading Hauntings of Disney Past

It’s Relevant. We’re talking about it.

That's right. The Phantom Menace is relevant right now 20 years after it's original release. I loved it. I consumed it. I collected it. I was 12 years old. More on that later. Right now, you get to read a rambling third of my history with Star Wars. I don't remember how old I was,… Continue reading It’s Relevant. We’re talking about it.

The Twist that No One Asked For

You guys know there's a Robin Hood movie coming out this year, right? Because there was a Robin Hood movie out almost 16 minutes ago and God help us if we go 15 minutes without rehashing the same old, same old. Every time we get a new version of a beloved property, there's some twist.… Continue reading The Twist that No One Asked For