Anything Nice to Say: I, Robot

Will Smith’s career was on the backslide after Wild Wild West, but as time has passed, there has been a growing respect for I, Robot. Maybe it just came out at the wrong time. As technology progresses, the warnings from Asimov are more and more relevant. 

Anything Nice to Say: Batman & Robin

You knew it was coming. Codpieces, rubber butts, Bat nipples and that was just the start. This time, we dive into the exercise in absurdism that is Batman & Robin.

Anything Nice to Say: Dark Shadows

Another day, another reboot. What 70s TV show haven’t we taken a stab at?

Ah, the almost forgotten vampire soap opera.

Tim Burton gives Johnny Depp his first vampiric role in this reboot that left much to be desired?
I don’t know. Hardcore Dark Shadows fans can leave a comment.

Anything Nice to Say: Clockstoppers

A little gem of a Nickelodeon Studios movie that doesn’t get the love it deserves. A slammin’ soundtrack and a watch that stops time. Hypertime never made it into the daily lingo, but still…it’s worth the watch.

Anything Nice to Say: CHiPs

Dax Shepard and Michael Pena. Nuff said.

Oh, not nuff said?

Okay, well, Dax Shepard and Michael Pena play Baker and Ponch in an adaptation/reboot that left them nominated for the Raspberry Awards. But, it’s fun and funny and more than a little raunchy featuring guys in tight pants. Who can resist a man in uniform on this episode of Anything Nice to Say.

Anything Nice to Say: Ishtar

Is Ishtar the worst movie ever? As long as they keep making movies, no. But that doesn’t keep people from saying that it is. We find anything nice to say about Ishtar.