Christmas Movie Flowchart

It’s Thanksgiving, which means you’re going to start watching the Christmas movies. Here’s the flowchart to help you decide.

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Wrapping Paper

I have a question. Why is wrapping a Christmas present the hardest thing ever? I mean, it should be easy, right? The thing with the fold and the tap dispenser and flip the corners in with the point and the box and NOOO! JUST STOP! This is the worst part of the Christmas season. I’m […]

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Talk Amongst Yourselves

You know you’ve reached a weird point when you start Search Engining blog topics. I mean, what do I write about? Part of my problem is overload. I’m writing four sketches a week, 10 jokes a week, two blog posts a week for work (why is that always easier?), and developing a sitcom pilot while […]

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