How to Achieve Your Dream

I have a dream. I don't often talk about my dream publicly. I mean, my friends know. And my family knows. And I'm always striving, always working toward that goal. I think I have a sort of weird knock on wood mentality about my dream, like if I say it out loud, it won't come… Continue reading How to Achieve Your Dream

Reality Sets In

I'm moving to Los Angeles. I'm moving to Los Angeles! Oh, my God, I'm moving to Los Angeles. Well, not until later in the year, but reality is setting in and it's setting in hard. The other day, my dad told me we needed to talk about when we wanted to head out there. To… Continue reading Reality Sets In

Resolute: We Are Strong

That's right. Two weeks in, I'm giving you a New Year's Resolution Post featuring (gratuitous capitalization)! Let's dive right in. Start/Join a band Don't talk about "The-Book-That-Will-Not-Be-Named" or, more commonly, "You-Know-What". Save up $10,000 to move to LA Punch anyone who says "You're so young!" Be more Internet social Read 100 books. Let's go in… Continue reading Resolute: We Are Strong

Hardly Working

I may have…accidentally…on purpose…inadvertently…quit my job. That was the teaser. Now for something completely different. My final semester of college, I flipped my academic advisor (and group of friends) the bird and moved to New York City. NO REGRETS! Jiminy Cricket, I love that city. I participated in an internship program. The Great Lakes Colleges… Continue reading Hardly Working