Adventures in Cosplay

It all started with a text. Joe: Hey, that foam you need to make armor. Can that be any color? Me: Yeah. You just spray paint over it. Joe: I have something for you to see. Someone in our apartment complex had used EVA foam pieces to try to sound proof their walls (they were […]

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Just say “no” to snow cones

Snow cones are a southern thing. Should that be a capital? A Southern thing? Yes. That looks more Paula Deen-ee. When I first moved to Texas, the kids in class with me talked about snow cone stands. Which one was the best, which one was adequate, and which ones to avoid all together. My Yankee […]

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Frozen: On Villains, True Love, and the Friendzone [Spoilers]

Before you think I’m fast and loose about handing out movie recommendations, I only write about movies that I like. I subscribe to the “if you don’t have anything nice to say” doctrine because why waste time on things I don’t like? That being said, the obvious direction of this post is this: go see […]

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