The End of Fringe

Well, Fringe is over. So goes another sci-fi show on Fox. I figured with the news about J.J. Abrams inheriting the new Star Wars, I should talk about this. Who am I kidding? It's Fringe. I would talk about it anyway. The 5th and final season of Fringe wasn't so great. There. I said it.… Continue reading The End of Fringe

Here’s the Thing: Revolution

Guilty Pleasure: something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. Revolution has become my guilty pleasure. Let me back up. I have a love/hate relationship with J.J. Abrams and when I say "love/hate" I mean I mostly love every project that he is involved in. LOST and Fringe were defining shows… Continue reading Here’s the Thing: Revolution

Fake Busy

I’m that sort of busy that’s all kind of fake. I’ve built up the illusion of busyness, and, it’s so good, I’ve even faked myself out. Here’s what I’ve been up to: I remembered that I have a library card. This is not a good thing. When I go to the library, I usually have… Continue reading Fake Busy