Anything Nice to Say: Hulk (2003)

It was a dark time. Before Robert Downey, Jr. took his place as Iron Man, Universal tried to bring us the hero we wanted. The Jolly Green Giant. Of course, I’m talking about Ang Lee’s Hulk. Despite an amazing cast, 2003’s Hulk was derided by critics. To this day, Marvel pretends it never happened. Let’s […]

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Something we can all enjoy

You know what I love? My Hulk Hands. I know. It’s a weird, mysterious love for something that’s a toy. Something dumb and ridiculous, but still amazing. So, let me tell you a story. Hulk Hands came out with the first (not quite excellent) Hulk movie.  Massive foam-rubber fists that went up to about mid-forearm […]

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4 Reasons Joss Whedon deserves an Oscar for the Avengers (Spoilers)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of The Avengers. After Hulk smash puny wizard by knocking Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II from the top spot for domestic grossing opening weekend, The Avengers is headed for another record breaking weekend. The second weekend will be in the $95-105 million range […]

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