Free Museum Day Part 1

Let me start by saying that it's not that I'm not a fan of crowds. Crowds can be okay. For the most part, San Diego Comic Con is a well-behaved crowd until Saturday afternoon. Nay, the thing that I'm not a fan of is uncivilized mob behavior. Which seemed to be the way people were… Continue reading Free Museum Day Part 1

Making It Up As I Go

I haven't posted in three weeks, which I apologize for. I'm working at a social media job that has me writing 5,000 words a week in blog posts alone. That isn't really an excuse, but the blog format does lose some of its mystery when you're up to your elbows in it everyday. I just… Continue reading Making It Up As I Go

My To-Do List

As I eyed a 6'0" axe at the Renaissance Fair last week, I was struck with the thought that maybe I could wait on getting that new computer. My current compy is only four years old and in fair condition, but that's four years at 2,000 words an hour. Some of the buttons are wearing… Continue reading My To-Do List

Reality Sets In

I'm moving to Los Angeles. I'm moving to Los Angeles! Oh, my God, I'm moving to Los Angeles. Well, not until later in the year, but reality is setting in and it's setting in hard. The other day, my dad told me we needed to talk about when we wanted to head out there. To… Continue reading Reality Sets In

Reactions: Family

Typical Midwest middle class family. If that phrase doesn’t help you form a mental image, I apologize. This post may not make that much sense. The first family member I told about my move to Los Angeles was my younger brother. “When are you leaving?” “January.” “Okay.” His thumbs twirled as he delved back into… Continue reading Reactions: Family

Six Degrees

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon: fun game or way of life? Well, its turning into a way of life. I’m booking my social calendar for the next few weeks (I know, who’d have thought a poor little introvert like me could be so popular?), and you’d be surprised at how many people I know have… Continue reading Six Degrees