Everything Wrong with The Walking Dead (And What You Can Learn From It)

The Walking Dead is a good show. It’s gritty, dark, often times raw, and has that gore factor that you just can’t find on broadcast television. It gets people talking. But, as all stories, there are imperfections. I’m not here to ask why they have a 2013 Hyundai when the apocalypse happened in 2010 (something […]

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Something Wicked – Once Upon A Time

Tradition dictates that television shows have a sophomore slump, especially hour-longs. For example, Glee followed up a stellar first season with a lackluster second that lost at least one viewer (me). Even one of my favorites, Fringe, stumbled starting from the second season block, abandoning its direction to maneuver back on a strong course, and […]

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Reactions: Family

Typical Midwest middle class family. If that phrase doesn’t help you form a mental image, I apologize. This post may not make that much sense. The first family member I told about my move to Los Angeles was my younger brother. “When are you leaving?” “January.” “Okay.” His thumbs twirled as he delved back into […]

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