Anything Nice to Say: I, Robot

Will Smith’s career was on the backslide after Wild Wild West, but as time has passed, there has been a growing respect for I, Robot. Maybe it just came out at the wrong time. As technology progresses, the warnings from Asimov are more and more relevant. 

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Anything Nice to Say: Wild Wild West

It was the movie that began the downfall of Will Smith’s film career, a disaster he still can’t live down. If only he’d known what we already knew: never bet on steampunk.

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Anything Nice to Say: Men in Black International

What’s black and white and…well, that’s it, really. It’s the Men in Black. Sony tried to relaunch one of Will Smith’s most famous franchises while also appealing to an international audience at the same time. But, even the international audiences weren’t interested in this one. We try to find anything nice to say about Men […]

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