The One Where Kate gets a Book Deal

A short post... If you follow me on social media, you will already know this, but here's an update. I have a book deal with Entangled Publishing. My book will be out on digital in April 2020. Stay tuned here for updates i.e. covers, info, appearances, sage advice. Or Follow me on my social sites,… Continue reading The One Where Kate gets a Book Deal

Defending The Hunger Games

Just because we like something does not mean that we shouldn't be critical of it. In general, I like the United States Government. I reap the benefits of centralized government. This does not mean I should just sit back and let them do what they want because I generally agree. I need to remain critical… Continue reading Defending The Hunger Games

Book Breakdown: Little Brother

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? I’m talking about something more frightening than lolcats (not that lolcats aren’t terrifying)… Anyway, thanks to Cory Doctorow, I’ve spent the last two days in a state of look-over-the-shoulder paranoia. In the best possible way. Time for a Book Breakdown (like they’re watching you. [Right now.])… Continue reading Book Breakdown: Little Brother

Book Breakdown: Mistwood

Libraries. You can’t live without them. No, seriously. The success of cultures and societies can be directly linked to the flow of information. What made Rome so awesome? Roads. You know, and maybe some other stuff, but it was mostly the roads. I’ve been hunting the shelves for the past couple months. I’m actually very… Continue reading Book Breakdown: Mistwood

Book Breakdown: Throat

I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m a sucker for vampires (haha, bad pun), but seriously… You really, really, really, really have to screw with the vampire myth to make me stop reading. Your vampires go out in sunlight? I’m cool with that. Your vampires are fat? I’m cool with that. Your vampires actually suck… Continue reading Book Breakdown: Throat

Book Breakdown (and a free something!)

I’m going to do it! I’m going to give something away on my blog! It’s a copy of Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore. Why? Because you should read it. And, filing this in the “easier to ask forgiveness” category, it will be signed. By the author. Not by me. Sound good? Okay, I think the best… Continue reading Book Breakdown (and a free something!)