Anything Nice to Say: Space Jam

t stands to reason that movies existing more for their merchandising than their merits tend not to be well received by critics. If your weren’t a Michael Jordan fan, Space Jam wasn’t your…well, jam. But this was the 90s. Who wasn’t a Michael Jordan fan?

Anything Nice to Say: Rookie of the Year

When a movie is designated for a younger audience, it tends to split critics. Some are harsher, some are more forgiving, others just ignore it entirely. With a 32% critic rating, it’s hard to decide what happened here. Rookie of the Year targets a younger audience, sure, but it’s still plenty enjoyable for adults. Here’s the first installment of the Nostalgia Month on Anything Nice to Say.

Anything Nice to Say: War of the Worlds

Tom Cruise running away from aliens. You don’t need to make a movie more complicated than that. With a high critic score, but a relatively low audience score, viewers weren’t quite as enthused about this remake. We try to launch a full scale invasion on anything nice to say about War of the Worlds.

Anything Nice to Say: Gentlemen Broncos

What does the word ‘quirky’ mean to you? To Hollywood, quirky means indie film. The team behind Napoleon Dynamite present the spiritual successor: Gentlemen Broncos. It was so poorly received, its wide release was cancelled. We see if we can find anything nice to say.

Helios by Scott Buckley | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Anything Nice to Say: The Huntsman-Winter’s War

Sometimes, you have a movie that you just have expectations that are off the charts. Well, I had high hopes fore The Huntsman: Winter’s War that it couldn’t possibly hope to meet, especially after the performance of Snow White and The Huntsman. I try to learn to love it despite its flaws in this week’s Anything Nice to Say.

Anything Nice to Say: National Treasure

For years, the world had no idea that the founding of America wasn’t based on principles, but was actually just a bunch of dude’s burying treasure. In this Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movie, we run through real and apocryphal US history. What started out as a heist movie turned unto a treasure hunt.

Can we hunt down anything nice to say about National Treasure?

100 Seconds by Punch Deck | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License