Anything Nice to Say: Rookie of the Year

When a movie is designated for a younger audience, it tends to split critics. Some are harsher, some are more forgiving, others just ignore it entirely. With a 32% critic rating, it’s hard to decide what happened here. Rookie of the Year targets a younger audience, sure, but it’s still plenty enjoyable for adults. Here’s the first installment of the Nostalgia Month on Anything Nice to Say.

Anything Nice to Say: War of the Worlds

Tom Cruise running away from aliens. You don’t need to make a movie more complicated than that. With a high critic score, but a relatively low audience score, viewers weren’t quite as enthused about this remake. We try to launch a full scale invasion on anything nice to say about War of the Worlds.

Anything Nice to Say: Gentlemen Broncos

What does the word ‘quirky’ mean to you? To Hollywood, quirky means indie film. The team behind Napoleon Dynamite present the spiritual successor: Gentlemen Broncos. It was so poorly received, its wide release was cancelled. We see if we can find anything nice to say.

Helios by Scott Buckley | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Anything Nice to Say: The Huntsman-Winter’s War

Sometimes, you have a movie that you just have expectations that are off the charts. Well, I had high hopes fore The Huntsman: Winter’s War that it couldn’t possibly hope to meet, especially after the performance of Snow White and The Huntsman. I try to learn to love it despite its flaws in this week’s Anything Nice to Say.

Anything Nice to Say: National Treasure

For years, the world had no idea that the founding of America wasn’t based on principles, but was actually just a bunch of dude’s burying treasure. In this Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movie, we run through real and apocryphal US history. What started out as a heist movie turned unto a treasure hunt.

Can we hunt down anything nice to say about National Treasure?

100 Seconds by Punch Deck | Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Anything Nice to Say: The Last Witch Hunter

Is Vin Diesel a box office draw? He’s mostly known for popcorn movies, so it’s no surprise the critics didn’t like The Last Witch Hunter. We see if we can find anything nice to say about this D&D inspired passion project.