Adventures in Cosplay

It all started with a text. Joe: Hey, that foam you need to make armor. Can that be any color? Me: Yeah. You just spray paint over it. Joe: I have something for you to see. Someone in our apartment complex had used EVA foam pieces to try to sound proof their walls (they were […]

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Cosplay Extravaganza update

Finished painting the test piece. We did a base coat of plasti dip so the spray paint would have something to adhere to, added some scrollwork, then spray painted with antique pewter color spray paint.

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Cosplay Extravanganza

I made a deal with myself. If I could get a pro pass to San Diego Comic Con, I would cosplay one out of four days. Well, here I am, with my comic con pro pass, and I need to either put up or shut up. I already have my costume for this year. I […]

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