Obligatory "Something’s Happening" Post

Guess what? I’m teaching a class on writing?

Aw, you guessed it.

Luckily, I’m teaching teens, so if someone calls me out…yeah, I’ll probably get beat up, but, hey, you take a risk.

Anywho, if you know someone in the DFW area who is 13-17 and wants to take classes on writing over the summer, I’ve got the best deal in town.

Because it’s not just me.

We have real-life writers and authors. You know, like people with agents and books that have their names on them. Like  (feel free to squee) Jenny Martin, and Rosemary Clement-Moore, and Candy Havens, and A. Lee Martinez.

Did I mention it’s free? How much money? None. Because it’s free.

You can get contact info here. It’s sponsored by the DFW Writers’ Workshop.

Sessions are on Saturdays, 1pm-3pm starting June 18th and running through July 30th (no session on July 2nd, due to Independence Day).

Seriously. You’re not going to find a better teen writers workshop this summer. Spread the word.

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